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Server Support Services and Packages

Downtime and data breaches can cost your company more than just money. QBurst provides reliable support to thwart such threats and ensure uninterrupted functioning of applications.

Support Packages We Offer

  • À La Carte
  • Perfect when needs are dynamic
  • Pick and choose support options
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Blocked Hours
  • Dedicated but timed
  • Pay for a specific block of hours
  • Redeem it in your hour of need
  • Absolute Support
  • Proactive and tailor made
  • Ongoing support throughout contract period
  • Fixed payments based on predefined terms

Remote Monitoring and Management

Prevention is always better than cure. We continuously monitor your IT infrastructure to detect and thwart problems even before they occur.

Several infrastructure management tools such as Nagios, and WebWatch24X7 are used to monitor network status, server, site availability, and performance of application. These tools notify us with alerts if any of the specified functions fall out of established parameters.

We Monitor

  • HTTP: Web Server
  • SMTP: Outgoing Email Server
  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol Server
  • DNS: Domain Name Server
  • Custom TCP Ports
  • POP3: Email Server

Technical Support

Web applications require periodic tuning to ensure seamless performance. At QBurst, we provide you necessary technical support through established contracts.

  • Upgrade installed software
  • Install and configure firewall
  • Perform periodic security audits
  • Install SSL security certificates
  • Monitor bandwidths for abnormal traffic
  • Optimize system performance
  • Patch up security holes
  • Recover lost data
  • Perform shell scripting for batch processing
  • Server backup snapshot and verification

For 24/7 monitoring and technical support