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Bluetooth Beacon Solution for Micro-Location Targeting

One Solution, Limitless Opportunities

QBeacon bridges the customer-retailer gap through micro-location targeting and contextual content delivery. You can use the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology of QBeacon to enhance customer experience at malls, hotels, banks, museums, airports, or anywhere else you choose.

QBeacon solution package comprises:

  • beacon hardware
  • native mobile application
  • backend beacon management system

QBeacon in Retail: Transforming Customer Experience with Proximity Marketing

Beacon Process Beacon Process

How Can QBeacon Help You?

Improve ROI

  • Bolster sales by beaming timely and actionable promotions to your in-store customers.
  • Increase footfall in your shop with targeted ads that are spot-on and in line with customer interests.

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Gratify your customers with a unique and personalized experience.
  • Reward regular customers with special discounts and dynamic pricing offers.
  • Enable easy indoor navigation and audio tours in museums and expos.

Minimize Staffing

  • Notify patients of appointments and procedures in hospitals or clinics.
  • Install beacons to act as virtual concierge and enable automated check-ins at hotels.

Obtain Crucial Analytics

  • Collect invaluable data about customers’ shopping habits and cross-sell as well as upsell products.
  • Leverage app usage statistics and implement proximity marketing to optimize conversion rates.

QBeacon Solution Pack

QBeacon Solution Pack

Web Dashboard

  • Helps manage settings remotely and define user roles and multiple authorization levels.
  • Allows administrators to add new commercial space/property to the database.
  • Helps set up and manage beacons.
  • Enables creation of custom messages for installed beacons.

Mobile App

  • Displays location-specific messages with LED blinker notifications, system vibrations, or sound alerts.
  • Provides map navigation to help locate stores within a building/shopping center.
  • Lists ads and messages based on user-defined categories.
  • Lets users bookmark and share promotions.


  • Relays targeted messages using BLE technology.
  • Allows easy installation with stick-on feature.
  • Consumes very little energy and runs on single coin cell battery.

QBeacon in a Box

Ideal for single location deployments.

  • Set of 10-100 beacons.
  • Native Android apps with client branding.
  • Backend system management, configuration, and documentation.
  • 30 days of free online support.

QBeacon out of the Box

For larger deployments such as in shopping malls or hospitals.

  • Package of beacons (up to 10,000).
  • Mobile apps plus backend system customized for your business.
  • Integration with legacy systems, marketing tools, and social apps.
  • Promotions can be relayed to other devices like shop displays.
  • Inbuilt ordering and payment system within app.
  • Service level agreement for system maintenance and development.

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